What Is Root Canal Treatment?

“A dental process that treats damaged or infected tooth pulp by replacing it with a filling.”

Usually handled by an endodontist (a trained dental surgeon specializing in root canal treatment), this is an easy way to overcome a fairly serious dental issue.

The advancement of dental science has been mind-blowing. Root canals are one of the marvelous results of such advancements. The procedure and aftercare prove to have lasting positive effects on your dental health. Need to know more about root canals? Ask the expert of dentistry in Vancouver!

What Is Pulp Damage?

Infected or damaged tooth pulp can cause a tooth to die. It is the pulp of a tooth basically keeps it alive. It is responsible for the sensitivity, nutrition and oxygen saturation of teeth. Once the tissues, vessels and nerve endings of the pulp are at risk, your tooth will die completely, leaving you in a very critical situation.

When are Root Canals needed ?

Before you visit our Vancouver dental clinic to get a root canal treatment done, it is best to know who must and must not get it. People with the following conditions are highly likely to get pulp damage and infection.

  • Tooth damage due to accidents, injuries, trauma, or similar incidents
  • Long-term tooth decay
  • Tooth-filling decay
  • Tooth fractures
  • Grinding of teeth (Bruxism)
  • Gum disease
Root Canal

What Are The Symptoms?

Once dead or nearing its death, tooth pulp begins to warn you something is wrong. Before things go out of hand, seek immediate treatment from a trusted dental clinic in Vancouver like Clear Spring Dentistry.

  • Unprompted pain
  • Recurring or Continuous Toothache
  • Sensitivity to hot/cold beverages or food
  • Gum swelling
  • Inflammation of cheeks/ chin/face
  • Painful to chew food
  • Difficulty opening/ closing your mouth
  • Pus or discharge around the infected tooth
  • Looseness of tooth

Even though these symptoms usually tell you of a possible tooth pulp issue, some patients do not show symptoms at all. If this is the case, a dental checkup will reveal your tooth pulp damages. This is why it is absolutely necessary for you to visit your Vancouver dental clinic at least twice a year.

If Untreated?

Trust us on this one; an unattended tooth pulp infection will only get worse

  • Spread – The infection eventually overcomes the tooth pulp’s ability to retaliate. The spread of bacteria will cause a critical infection that may affect nearby teeth, gum and most dangerously; the bones.
  • Bone damage – Infections and damages to your tooth pulp can end up making you lose bones in the jaw.
  • Loss of tooth – After a tooth dies, there is no point of keeping it anymore. Losing a tooth is terrible, especially if it is too late to consider tooth implants or dentures.

How Is a Root Canal Treatment Done?

A root canal treatment saves you from the horrible aftermath of pulp damage. Our dentists in Vancouver will follow this root canal procedure with slight differences based on the patient’s condition.


First, the infection will be cleaned thoroughly. All the pus, discharge, infected tissue, filling and other debris will be removed.


Before filling, the root canal of your tooth will be shaped till smooth. It will clear out any bacteria that is trapped inside the canal. Multiple visits may be needed for this step to be completed, as all the bacteria need to be cleaned using a combination of dental tools, medicine and disinfectants.


Sealed with a filling! The root canal will be filled with a lasting polymer so that the bacteria cannot enter ever again.

After sealing the tooth, the protection is being heightened with the use of a restoration material. As most teeth that undergo root canal treatment have already been damaged severely, crowns made of porcelain, titanium, gold or alloy are used to provide strong protection.

Visit Our Vancouver Dental Clinic

Clear Spring Dental Clinic is known for handling several successful root canal procedures. With an amazing aftercare procedure to complement the treatment, we stand out among other dentists in Vancouver.

Thanks to the latest technology, root canal treatment is no longer painful. Guaranteed to be successful, our safety measures, expertise, material and methodology are the best you can find in a dental clinic in Vancouver.