What Is A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are a common dental procedure that is done worldwide. Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. More widely known as “tooth removal” or “tooth-pulling”, this needs to be handled by a well-trained dental clinic in Vancouver.

Why Get A Tooth Extraction?

Well, it is obvious that people don’t go around pulling their teeth out for fun! There are several reasons that might require you to consider a tooth extraction.

Infected Teeth

Tooth infections can lead to complications that none of you would love. Before the infection spreads to the tooth pulp, gum tissue, and the jawbone, some instances require pulling out the tooth that is causing trouble.

Broken Teeth

Sometimes, broken teeth can be an aesthetic nightmare. Whatever the cause of it might be, a broken tooth can always be fixed, thanks to the quality dentistry in Vancouver. In some cases, a broken tooth needs to be removed completely to be replaced with implants.

Crowded Teeth

Some people have a hard time with the wisdom tooth. When the mouth does not have enough space for another tooth, or when the teeth alignment is likely to be disrupted by the wisdom tooth, your dentist will extract it.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth?

Technically, no. Dentists in Vancouver, and everywhere else, would recommend wisdom tooth extraction to many young adults. Even if you do not feel pain in the area, your tooth could still be a liability to other teeth, gums, and jaw bone.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Once you get rid of a tooth, the next thing you want is a replacement.

As a Vancouver dental clinic with expert knowledge in tooth extractions, we have expert solutions for post-extraction care as well.

Done after a tooth extraction, bone grafting is a dental procedure that replaces or repairs bones in your alveolar ridge

Why Bone Grafting?

There are many reasons why someone would be given a bone grafting treatment by a dental clinic in Vancouver.

Once you lose a tooth, there is a high chance that the bone loss would start immediately after. A direct tooth implant without a bone graft could result in an imperfect transplant, bone and tissue defects and damage to other teeth.

After a tooth extraction, our trained dentists in Vancouver will recommend a bone graft, depending on your condition. Remember, not everyone will have to get bone grafts before teeth implants. It is all just a matter of the dentist’s inspection of how your extraction turned out.


Types Of Bone Grafts

  • Socket graft – Being the most common method of grafting, this helps the alveolar bone repair itself. It takes about 4-6 months before you can move to your tooth implant after a socket grafting.
  • Block bone graft – Used to treat big defects of your jaw bone, this graft utilizes a bone block taken from the back of your jaw.
  • Lateral ridge preservation graft – In these, the jawbone is being widened so that it could occupy the dental implant.
  • Sinus lift graft – Mostly used for implants in the upper jaw, this is done using equine bone; which lasts longer than human bone. The procedure takes longer to heal; from 8 to 12 months.

Does It Hurt?

Of course not; you will be sedated throughout, and will not feel anything during the procedure. Thanks to the practiced hands here at Clear Spring Dental Clinic, you can survive bone grafting with little to no post-operative pain.

What Happens Afterwards?

The healing process sure is long, but it is painless. Take the antibiotics we give in order to keep the area free from infection.

Our Vancouver dental clinic will schedule appointments with you to monitor the healing process. Once you get your implant done, you will totally forget you ever had bone grafting surgery!

Our Dentistry In Vancouver

With the latest tools, technology and material, tooth extractions and bone grafts are no longer the painstakingly complicated process they used to be. These safe and affordable procedures are available now in Clear Spring Dental Clinic in Vancouver. With a dash of expertise and knowledge, we can make you love your dentist appointments!