Dental Cleaning And Gum Treatment

Gum sensitivity and built-up plaque are experiences that none of us appreciate. After all, having teeth or gum related irritability can ruin your entire mood as we all know how disturbing and discomforting it can be. This is why most dental care providers often encourage us to seek the assistance of professional dental cleaners in Vancouver regularly.

At the Clear Spring Dental Clinic, we provide quality care related to dental cleaning and gum treatment. Based on the nature of the patient’s oral situation, our Vancouver dental cleaning clinic provides a list of services such as Ultrasonic Scaling, Root Planing, Prophylaxis, Fluoride Treatment, Sensitivity Relief, and Gum Disease Treatment.

Ultrasonic Scaling

Teeth scaling and root planing are terms that we often hear hand in hand. Root planing is the dental cleaning process through which we perform deep cleaning below the gumline. By doing so, we ensure that all the abscess and plaque lodged deep within are removed off without leaving space for any bacterial action or future aches and pains. Moreover, upon professional evaluation, your dental cleaners in Vancouver may also recommend smoothening of your teeth during the root planning process.

Hand Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling is one of the most prominent methodologies used to ensure proper oral hygiene. Our dental cleaners in Vancouver use ultrasonic scaling, which is one of the most efficient and effective methods of dental scaling. This type of scaling is performed using a low-frequency electric scaler that removes any plaque buildup. Due to the use of such effective technology, our clinic for a dental cleaning in Vancouver performs successful scaling procedures. Therefore, do not hesitate to schedule your routine scaling appointment by contacting us at any point of the day.


As complicated as the term itself may sound, prophylaxis refers to nothing more than our routine dental appointments. These sessions are carried out as proactive measures to safeguard our teeth against gum diseases such as receding gums, tooth decays, and cavities. Hence, scheduling appointments with our dental cleaners for Prophylaxis in Vancouver would ensure better oral care and happier life. Therefore, do make it a habit to always schedule regular oral care appointments with your Vancouver dental cleaners.

Fluoride Treatment

As professional dental cleaners in Vancouver, we perform fluoride treatment at reasonable rates. Fluoride treatments are generally performed to strengthen the outer layer of your teeth by providing additional protection. By doing so, you would be proactively protecting your teeth against possible harmful effects such as bacteria and plaque.
Most clinics that offer dental cleaning in Vancouver use several approaches for fluoride treatments. Hence, in order for your dental care provider to choose the most optimal approach, it is essential that you provide a genuine and comprehensive dental history.

Sensitivity Relief Treatment in Vancouver

Regardless of how old we are, we have all experienced days where it was too discomforting to consume things that were either a bit too hot or cold. Hence, there is no doubt that we can all relate to the paint that comes along as a result of sensitive teeth. Fortunately, this is not something that you need to battle alone any longer. At our clinic for Vancouver dental cleaning, we do sensitivity relief treatment along with professional guidance for a better dental routine.

sensitivity relief program

Gum Disease Treatment in Vancouver

Gum disease treatments are commonly referred to as receding gum treatment and gum infection treatment as well. However, the nature of the treatment provided to our patients is determined after a careful evaluation of the patient’s condition and the probable underlying issue that is causing it.

While some gum recession treatments may include general painkillers and antibiotics, some treatments can also entail minor grafts and surgical procedures. Either way, our team at the Clear Spring Dental Clinic are professionally qualified and well experienced to carry out such treatment efficiently and effectively.

Making An Appointment With Our Dental Hygienists

If you are looking to make an appointment with our clinic for a dental cleaning in Vancouver, do contact us at our office. Our team is extremely flexible and thus, would schedule a slot for you that is convenient. Furthermore, you can also contact us at any moment even if it is just to make clarifications with regard to your oral hygiene. As professionals involved in dental cleaning in Vancouver, we are committed to providing the best of dental care in town.