What Is A Mouth Guard?

A mouthguard is a protective device worn over teeth to keep them from being damaged due to various causes like sports injuries, accidents, and bruxism (teeth grinding/ clenching).

Who Needs Mouth Guards?

Children, teens or adults who;

  • Play sports (contact sports, extreme sports, motorsports, aquatic sports, agility)
  • Engage in adventure activities (biking, skateboarding, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking etc.)
  • Have a habit of grinding or clenching teeth.
  • Have sleep apnea (a condition in which your breathing stops suddenly and continuously in sleep).
  • Have a habit of snoring

What Can I Do?

Mouthguards For SportsIf you have any of these conditions, there is a high chance they will complicate your life in the future more than you think. But worry no more, because the solution is way more simple than you would imagine it to be.
Mouthguards are comfortable and straightforward removable devices you can use to protect your teeth from damage. They are like fun projects you can do; easy to wear, easy to remove, and easy to clean.
Clear Spring Dental Clinic in Vancouver has a special unit dedicated solely to removable dental appliances, particularly mouth guards. There are different types of mouthguards we recommend for each unique case.

Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding Or Clenching

Teeth grinding and clenching, medically known as bruxism, can be seen in two types.

  • 1. Diurnal – grinding teeth when awake
  • 2. Nocturnal – grinding teeth in sleep
  • Jaw pain
  • Difficulty when opening/ closing mouth and biting
  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Broken teeth
  • Sleeplessness

Mouth Guards For Snoring

Snoring is a very common problem faced by many individuals in the world. You can put a stop to snoring with the help of a mouthguard. Snoring is pretty normal, but it can sometimes be a symptom of a deep-rooted condition like arrhythmia or heart disease. Meeting a dentist will help you tackle the issue before it gets worse and also guide you towards further treatment if needed.

Mouth Guards For Sports

Engaging in sports is extremely good for your health, but it exposes you to a milieu of risks too. Injuries and accidents are not oddities when it comes to sports. Protecting your mouth and teeth is massively important because hardcore sports injuries might knock your teeth out before you even know it. Once it happens, you will have to go through long-lasting and costly procedures to get back to normal.

Can Mouth Guards Be Worn With Braces?

Yes. In fact, you must wear a mouth guard if you are a teeth-grinder or if you are doing sports or other extreme activities. This would help you protect your braces and of course, the teeth underneath.

Why Not Store-bought Mouth Guards?

Each person’s oral structure is different and needs to be treated accordingly. There is no proven evidence that over-the-counter mouthguards are effective, especially as they are not made for “you.” Custom-made mouthguards by Clear Spring Dental Clinic are the best for several reasons:

  • The size and material of the mouth guard is determined after a custom oral examination.
  • Depending on how much you can spend, there is a range of options to choose from.
  • Our previous experience with mouth guards and their success rates will assist the process of choosing the best one for you.
  • Complete instructions, safety measures, and tips in wearing your mouth guard will be given.
  • Our mouthguards are made of super-strong and durable material of the highest quality.
  • Instead of just telling you to wear it, we will frequently monitor the efficiency of the mouth guard and suggest changes of treatment if necessary.

Our friendly staff here at Clear Spring Dental Clinic is always ready to help you with overcoming any difficulty in adjusting to your new dental device.