What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a special dental treatment that is used to correct dental deformities, including teeth and jaw irregularity. Not only does it improve how your teeth look but also ensures great dental health, easier chewing and clearer speech.

Dental deformities are not uncommon, and they are definitely not a reason to bring down your quality of life. In fact, orthodontic corrections are necessary in some cases for the patient to live well. Thus, the treatment is completely normal and has the full potential to positively change your life.

If you are wondering what Clear Spring Dental Clinic in Vancouver is ready to offer, described here are some of our main orthodontic procedures that will guarantee 100% efficiency.

Clear Aligners

vancouver orthodonticsOne of the most common forms of orthodontic treatment, clear aligners are transparent plastic braces that help align your teeth properly.

Used widely to correct moderate crowding and spacing of teeth, these are better suited for young adults and adults due to the plastic it is made of. Each clear aligner is custom made according to a digital scan of the mouth, which is why they are safe and effective.

The main procedure here is to create a wearable plastic appliance that fits snugly to the teeth, encouraging them to move in order to straighten out the deformities of the teeth structure. There are many perks of considering clear aligners in Vancouver as your orthodontic treatment method.

Advantages Of Clear Aligners

  • If you have minor issues of spacing or aligning in your teeth, there is no point in spending a fortune on getting metal braces. It is a more intensive procedure suitable for major dental deformities. Clear aligners can be an effective and easier alternative.
  • Just like the name suggests, clear aligners are clear! Braces will show, whereas clear aligners are easy to get away with.
  • Usually, clear aligners are recommended to be worn 20-22 hours per day, based on your condition. This means that you will have the freedom to take them off when you eat and brush your teeth, which is a huge advantage! If you have ever worn braces in your life, you would know what I mean.
  • Unlike braces, there is no discomfort involved with clear aligners. They will be smooth, tight-fitting, and pain-free.
  • Clear Spring Dental Clinic has the best clear aligners in Vancouver, chosen from different brands to suit your requirement and budget.

Removable Dental Appliances

Sometimes, your teeth might only have a small issue that needs a quick correction without having to wear an appliance 24/7. Some other times, a permanent option will not work due to hygienic, professional, or personal concerns. This is when removable dental appliances come in handy.

There are different types of removable dental appliances used on patients, out of which Clear Spring Dental Clinic expertise will recommend the best for you.

  • Retainers – This is a special treatment for the post-braces stage. Once the braces are removed, retainers must be worn so that the acquired alignment can be maintained throughout. The dentist will recommend you the duration of wearing, but it would be reduced to just night time in most cases.
  • Spacers- Spacers are used to keep teeth separated, so that they have space to adjust into the desired position. They are tiny rubber/ metal rings that the dentist will fit between your teeth to get the expected result.
  • Elastics – Worn around the wires of your braces, elastics connect teeth from the upper jaw with the lower. They apply a very little but continuous force that will assist in bite correction, which is a highly important phase of wearing braces.
  • Removable Dentures – This is an effective path you can take to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures replace one tooth or more, while full dentures are for replacing the loss of entire rows.
Other Removable Dental Appliances
  • Mouthguards – to be worn during sports
  • Nightguards – to prevent teeth grinding
  • Snoring devices – to prevent snoring

Clear Spring Dental Clinic offers you affordable clear aligners in Vancouver along with a variety of removable dental appliances from trusted brands. Custom-made to suit your dental structure, our dental care will guarantee a radiant smile coupled with perfect oral health.